Plan/Big Book Storage Bags

Plan Storage Bags are an excellent way to protect valuable drawings, maps, artwork, and big books. They can be utilised in two main ways:
Plan Bags: This is a heavy duty polyethylene bag which will not fade and can be stored and bound by a Multifile Premium Plan Clamp as well as loose.
Job Bags (Big Book): This is a heavy duty polyethylene Plan bag WITH a heavy duty polyester strip eyeletted to the top of the bag to allow it to be stored and hung from the Mobile Poster Rack or the Wall Mounted Poster Rack. Job Bags are available in top and side opening as well as sealable.

Key Features of Plan Storage Bags:

150 micron thickness
Tear Resistant
Clear and Acid Free – Bags will not yellow over time
Available in Sealable Side Opening, Top and Side opening

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