Australian Made Horizontal Plan Cabinet A1-A0

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Custom Colour Your Cabinet

With over 150 + Dulux colours to choose from your chosen cabinet will become a natural part of your room décor design. Once your order is placed, we will contact you to confirm colour and delivery details.

Multifile will contact customers after the placement of Plan Cabinet orders to advise delivery and colour options available. 

Our Aussie-made horizontal plan cabinets are available in both 5 and 10 drawers and have high-integrity bearing drawer runners for high usage applications.


Features Fully welded construction provides strength and stability allowing units to be stacked two high. Full-width sheet metal return at rear of drawer prevents plans from being damaged or curling.
Colour Available in over 150 colours and finishes.
Finish High performance, inert powder coat finish, including iron phosphate pre-treatment.
Accessories Castors, drawer dividers and reinforced stands need to be ordered separately.


A1 / 5 Drawer Plan Cabinet 470mm (H) 950mm (W) 650mm (D) 85kgs
Drawer Dimensions 50mm (H) 865mm (W) 615mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size 865mm x 605mm      
A1 / 10 Drawer Plan Cabinet 470mm (H) 950mm (W) 650mm (D) 97kgs
Drawer Dimensions 25mm (H) 865mm (W) 615mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size 865 x 605mm      
A0 / 5 Drawer Plan Cabinet  470mm (H) 1295mm (W)  900mm (D) 106kgs
Drawer Dimensions  50mm (H) 1210mm (W)   850mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size  1210mm x 850mm      
A0 / 10 Drawer Plan Cabinet  470mm (H) 1295(W)   900mm (D) 160kgs
Drawer Dimensions  25mm (H) 1210mm (W)   850mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size  1210mm x 850mm      

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Product Enquiry